November 28, 2017 Update

 Disaster Relief Update & Financial Report
First of all, Thank You to everyone who has helped by giving and/or volunteering!
Disaster Relief is only part of what we do, but lately it’s been a big part. I have personally worked in
Disaster relief for years and the challenge is always different depending on the nature of the disaster.
This time we have been overwhelmed in many ways, but doing relief the Bible way is very efficient
and effective. Baptist Charities is a church based Charity. This means we are sponsored by a church,
Rodgers Baptist Church, and we work with churches and missionaries at the point of need to bring the
love of Christ to hurting people. Each church we work with at the point of need commits to use 100%
of the resources they receive from Baptist Charities to meet the intended purpose. Baptist Charities
insures that 100% of what we receive reaches the point of need. This simple process was given in the
New Testament and still works today.
The first disaster for us was the destruction by fire of a Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon. A church we
work with in Lebanon, Emmanuel Baptist Church, has a ministry to that camp and other camps in the
region. When we published the need, churches responded and the need was met. EBC was able to
supply beds, water containers, stoves, heaters, and 1,000 blankets through the partnership of
supporting churches listed below. Pray this effort will increase to the salvation of some of the folks in
these camps.
The need in these refugee camps is constant and demanding. We have a window of opportunity to
reach refugees with the love of Christ and Emmanuel Baptist Church is doing it. We will continue to
work with this church as God supplies the resources. When you give to Baptist Charities this is one of
the ministries you are supporting.
Houston Region – Hurricane Harvey
I have never worked in a disaster as large and extensive as Hurricane Harvey. This is huge. This
disaster continues and there are tens of thousands who are not back in their homes yet. Many of you
have responded and the Houston area churches we’ve worked with have been amazing in their
commitment to minister the love of Christ to their neighbors. It’s an honor to work with them. There
are still great needs but giving to these needs has almost stopped completely. Houston seems
We centered our food and supplies relief operations in partnership with two churches in the area.
One, Lighthouse Baptist Church (LBC), is on the south side of Houston in the hard-hit suburb of
Dickinson, and the other, Berean Baptist Church (BBC), is located in north central Houston.
There were only a few church buildings that stayed above water in Dickinson. LBC was one. I’ve
known the Pastor, Charles Dill, since I was a teenager. We both began in ministry in the same church
decades ago and are close friends. LBC has supported AGCH and our ministry for years. Pastor Charles
is also a contractor, which has been a huge help. Pastor Fuentes at BBC is also a dear friend and
beloved fellow-laborer. BBC is surrounded by devastation in a largely Hispanic community. Both
churches have multiple members who received damage to varying degrees.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey LBC and BBC became relief centers for their communities in
partnership with Baptist Charities. With the logistical help of my longtime friend Bill Spenny and many
church members, led by Harley Clinton at LBC and Roger and Kim Thompson at BBC, tons and tons of
food and supplies were delivered to hundreds of people in the surrounding communities. Each person
receiving care was prayed with by volunteers and encouraged to seek answers to their spiritual
needs. In addition, LBC became the supply center for other churches and organizations in the region.
At its height, we had multiple tents and large containers in the LBC parking lot filled with supplies. LBC
and BBC used their gymnasiums to stage all the goods. Thank the Lord for these Churches and
In addition to being a relief center both churches are out in their communities giving physical and
spiritual aid to disaster victims. BBC and LBC, with the assistance of Baptist Charities and Northwest
Baptist Church, have hired workers to assist people in rebuilding their homes. BBC and LBC have
donated construction supplies to devastated victims financed by the supporters of Baptist Charities’
relief efforts. With your help, the work for these victims is continuing right now in these communities.
Both churches have also given their own funds and received help from other churches. 
Three Churches that we know of received severe flood damage to their parsonages: Santa Fe Baptist
Church, Grace Baptist Church in Vidor, Texas, and Lakeway Baptist Church in Humble. Pastor David
Stone at Lakeway lost much including his home. Lakeway has been able to meet his needs, but, sadly,
no one can replace personal items that were lost. All three lost all their furniture in addition to
structural flood damage.
Santa Fe Baptist’s Parsonage was severely damaged and is being repaired. Pastor Lucas Campbell and
his family are living in a house provided by Temple Baptist Church in Texas City. We provided initial
funding to insure Pastor Campbell’s immediate needs were met and gave funds to the church to start
the recovery. The work is ongoing and I regularly monitor their needs. Many churches have helped
them, and SFBC membership has been amazing.
Grace Baptist Church’s longtime pastor, Charles Lott, is over 70 years old and suffers from the early
stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Their home was severely damaged by flood waters, and their church
has provided living quarters for them in the church building. They also lost their car in the flood.
Baptist Charities has to date provided the building materials to renovate the house. This was
accomplished through a $10,000 gift from Riverview Baptist church in Borger, Texas and other
supporters. The electrical had to be completely redone and we supplied the materials and paid an
electrician to complete the work. Insulation and sheetrock are ongoing now. Volunteers have helped
from Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. Thank You! Other churches and individuals have helped with
direct offerings and we will continue to assess their needs. Pastor Lott’s family has been awesome!
Temple Baptist Church in Texas City and Pastor Rudy Rios have worked hard to minister to their
community. We have assisted them with the needs of some of the victims in their area including a
widow whose house was completely flooded.
In the last few weeks we have been made aware of people with disabilities, elderly and widows, and
others who are devastated. We carefully follow each lead and work to partner with a church for each
need. People still need your help and we are still on the ground meeting needs.
A big thank you to Holt’s Prairie Baptist Church who, in addition to Baptist Charity offerings, gave
$14,600 to help with operational expenses we have incurred during disaster relief and our ongoing
ministry. These funds and other operational help go to Rodgers Baptist Church, Larry Jones Work
Fund. Give as God leads. This is the gas that keeps the engine running and allows Baptist Charities to
have 100% flow through to the point of need.
Mexico City Earthquake & Amazing Grace Children’s Home – A Ministry of Rodgers Baptist Church
On September 19th, a strong earthquake struck Mexico City. Usually AGCH is spared from damage
since it is located in the more solid highlands outside Mexico City. This time though the buildings
received damage that has to be repaired. Thankfully no one in our home was hurt. The repair work is
in the final stages of completion, but the need has not been fully met. We have sent the necessary
funds out of our reserves. If you can help please send gifts to Rodgers Baptist Church with
earthquake in the memo or give to Amazing Grace Children’s Home at
Don’t forget Christmas at the Children’s Home. When you give put AGCH Christmas in the memo or
give to AGCH at
Brief Ministry Update
I am praying about going to Puerto Rico to help through some churches there. They are desperate.
Pray I can work this out. I also need to visit Lebanon (Potential Children’s Home and Medical Clinic)
and India (Churches ready to feed and rescue homeless children). Pray… Give to Larry Jones Work
Fund if you wish to help with these operational needs and other opportunities to serve.
We have printed high quality Baptist Charities brochures. Please e-mail me if you want some sent to
you. They come in packets of 25. Costs us about $10 a packet to print and mail.
Soon after Hurricane Harvey struck, my Oncologist told me my Chemotherapy treatment had stopped
working. I am now in a clinical study for a second-generation Immunotherapy through MD Anderson
Cancer Center. God has been so kind to me through this journey, thank you for praying. I continue to
travel and preach. I’ll work for my Savior as long as He gives me strength. Please pray for my wife,
Carol, she has been amazing, but this is hard on her. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful wife.
If you want a Baptist Charities presentation in your church give me a call at 409-771-8209.
2018 is near, let’s get after it for God’s glory.
For the Suffering,
Larry Jones, Director
Baptist Charites
A Ministry of Rodgers Baptist Church
Call if you have questions. Donate through your church. Churches: make checks to Rodgers Baptist
Church with Baptist Charities in the memo. If you wish to give to Larry Jones or our expenses put
“Larry Jones work fund” in the memo.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

A Refugee camp in the Bakaa valley burned. Many churches have given to this need. To date we have sent $12,000 in relief which is about $80 per family. The teams working through Emmanuel Baptist Church in Beirut have distributed cook stoves, beds, and water dispensers to all the affected families with these funds. The Bakaa Valley is 3,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level, so in the winter it is cold. We will be sending more funds for furnaces and blankets. Each year the team employs refugee women to sew blankets which gives them a source of income as well as provides free blankets for the refugees. Their goal is 6,000 blankets. We will send about around 600 to the Bakaa camp.

Amazing Grace Children’s Home in Mexico City
We had a great group trip with over 30 people traveling to AGCH a few weeks ago. The children had a wonderful time and it was a joy for the travelers to spend days with the kids. We took them to a Safari Park. Participated in church services with them, and threw a Fiesta for them on Friday night. Thanks for your support and for the many offerings that came in for expenses. God used you. India There is great need and God has provided workers who want to reach the homeless. It is estimated there are 16 million homeless children in India. We need funds to send a training team over to begin this great work. Send offerings to Rodgers Baptist Church with “work fund” in the memo. Cancer Tests show that Chemo is working to slow the cancer. I have treatments every other week. Thanks for praying. I continue to travel representing Baptist Charities each week. I have open dates in coming months if you wish for me to visit your church with updates and a ministry presentation. Your prayers, partnership, and support are deeply appreciated.

Call if you have questions. Donate through your church. Churches: make checks to Rodgers Baptist Church with Baptist Charities in the memo. If you wish to give to Larry Jones or our expenses put “work fund” in the memo.

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