The following men and their families are members of the Rodgers Baptist Church who are sent out by this church to do the work to which God has called them. Click on their name to see their most recent prayer letter.

Worldwide Benevolence Ministry
Church Planting in Chicago, IL

Gary and Beverly Hampton

Missionaries to Alaska


Gerardo and Silvia Niño

Missionaries to Mexico


Leonardo and Esperanza Rivas

Leo and Lola Rivas

Missionaries to Mexico

Missionaries to the Kingdom of Thailand


Our Supported Missionaries and Mission Endeavors

Additional missionaries and mission works are not listed due to safety concerns for the missionary and the work. Please pray for those who are sharing the gospel in countries that do not have religious freedoms and face persecution for their faith. 

Karl Andersson              Sweden

William Aya                   Colombia

David Bandaru              India

Riley Barrett                  England

Chris Bell                       Brazil

Dwight Bishop               Mindanao, Philippines

Becky Bowling               Philippines

Jen Bowling                   Philippines

David Brauer                 Canada

Pat Briney                     Campus Ministry, U. of Arkansas

Timothy Chace              Hawaii

Robert Creech               Panama

James Downs                Ethiopians in Washington D.C.

Tim Dulany                   Panama

John Edwards               Australia

Jean Paul Escalera       Struggling Churches

Benito Estrada              Mexico

Andres Falconett          Panama

Coleman Gabbard         New Zealand

Sal Garcia                     New Mexico

Kent Gossmeyer           England

Josh Hamilton              Scotland

Russ Hanson                 Bible Distribution

Larry Harrison             Canada & Alaska

Abdou Issa                    Lebanon

Simon Jacob                 Pakistan

Charles John                India

Michael Lea                 Ecuador

David Lott                    Guatemala

Bruce Martin               Honduras

David Martin               Argentina

Aaron Mendoza            Brazil

Larry Morgan               Ghana

Tyler Nikkel                 Czech Republic

Fumio Nomura             Japan

Samuel Nyaunu           Ghana

Kevin Pearcey              New York City

Daniel Pearson             Cincinnati, OH

James Pittman             Chile

Scott Poling                  Berlin, Germany

Jon Rettig                     Czech Republic

Rufus Saripalli             India

Greg Smith                   Cancun, Mexico
Jarrod Tunnell              Argentina

Louis Turk, Jr.              Indonesia

Sam Varughese             India

Shawn Vinson               Florida

Wayne Walley               Philippines

Nathan Wheatley         Spain

Randy Winesburgh       Brazil

Cristóbal Yañez             Panama

Friendship House         Garland, TX



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