(January 29, 2023)
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We know and serve the “Living God” who is alive and forever keeping His promises to this present day. Our Holy Bibles contain the record of over 7,000 promises God has made, many of which He has already fulfilled with His people throughout the millennia. Making and keeping promises is foundational to God’s holy character. If God failed to keep just one promise, our faith in Him would be in vain. Despite human failure to keep promises, our world, planet, and universe stand today because God makes and keeps His promises! We can have hope in a better world to come because God has promised it and He cannot go back on His word!

Whether you realize it or not, you live every day of your life based upon promises! Are you aware that the world’s promises are empty, but God’s promises are absolute and eternal? The best thing we can do as God’s children is to purposefully claim and build our lives around God’s Living Promises! You can pump iron, pop vitamins, and push yourself to exercise every day to stay healthy and live longer upon the earth, but this is only temporal. Eventually all fleshly bodies will wear out and fail. However, by claiming God’s promises every day you can actually participate in the “Divine Nature of God” thereby securing His power, perspective, and attributes to live in hope, peace, and victory.

The great missionary William Carey once said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God!” The challenge and blessing before us this year is to live, focus, and rehearse each day on the absolute promises of God found in His Word.
Living in God’s Promises,

Pastor Ron Thomas
2 Peter 1:4


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