October 2022 Update

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, Churches. and Partners in Ministry,
Rodgers Baptist Church remains committed to providing the ministry of benevolence to people
and churches of like faith. The idea of providing a ministry that can help Independent Baptist
Churches with one hundred percent flow through charity dollars to other churches and ministries in
need is very worthy of your support.
In December 2021, Baptist Charities was able to send $10,000 to Emmanuel Baptist Church in
Mayfield, Kentucky, which was ground zero due to a violent, long-tracking tornado that moved across
Western Kentucky. The tornado produced severe to catastrophic damage in numerous towns,
including Mayfield, Princeton, Dawson Springs, and Bremen. We are so thankful to Pastor Clint
McCoy and Emmanuel Baptist Church who helped connect with those who were suffering in the
aftermath of this tragic storm. Once again, the name Baptist Charities was not mentioned instead it
was Emmanuel Baptist Church that blessed and encouraged those in need.
We have also pursued helping establish an orphanage in India. Presently the doors of
opportunity have closed for funds to be sent to churches in India to help with the building of an
orphanage there. We certainly appreciate Missionary Rufus Saripalli’s work on this project which has
been set back with several challenges. Whenever these doors open, we hope to invest financially in
this work to make the orphanage a reality under Bro. Saripalli’s supervision.
Obviously, to provide this ministry to Independent Baptist Churches with no overhead involved,
we are dependent upon individuals, pastors, and churches to help us be informed of needs in
America and around the world. This ministry is dependent upon local churches and pastors to be
the “boots on the ground” to administer relief. Baptist Charities is not intended to replace benevolence
giving on the local level. Like other Independent Baptist Churches, Rodgers Baptist Church is
involved in benevolence giving in our own community and city, Baptist Charities reaches beyond our
local churches. If any of you know of a project or need that is beyond a normal local church
ministries reach, please contact us and we will see how we can help you. It is our desire to
help the needy as a means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
Thanks to all of the Independent Baptist pastors and churches for your faithful support!
In Christ Alone,
Pastor Ron Thomas,
Rodgers Baptist Church

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