October 2018 Update

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October 2018

Typhoon Hits the Philippines
On September 14, Super Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines, destroying homes, flooding towns and villages, and leaving most without power or shelter. We would like to share with you the opportunity to help directly with the needs from this storm. As always, Baptist Charities exists as a church-based charity, and all of the projects are done as a partnership with local churches, supporting gospel ministry through charity.

Missionary Fredelito Farinas has been on the mission field in the Philippines since 2008, sent by New Hope Baptist Church in Porter, Texas. In 2008, he started the first local mission called the River Oaks Baptist Mission. They bought property and built a worship chapel, as seen in the picture.
In 2010, they opened a satellite mission known as the New Hope Baptist Mission. A lot was donated by one of the members, and a worship chapel was built, as pictured.
 In 2013, a third mission was started, known as Fugu Baptist Mission.

When the super typhoon hit two weeks ago, the bamboo chapel at New Hope Baptist Mission was totally destroyed. They need $1,000.00 to build another chapel. This time the pillars will be a metal covered with cement, the half walls will be concreted
and the roof will be metal. The blessing here is the raw materials are very affordable, and the American dollar is very strong, so a little goes a long way.
The Fugu Baptist Mission was also hit hard and almost totally damaged. The best option is to totally remove this structure and build a better one. Some of the materials can be reused in the new construction. They need only $1,000.00 to fix this chapel. The finish work will be through voluntary contributions among members of the mission.

Next damaged were the two cabins for the camp activities at River Oakes Baptist Mission. It will take $1,200.00 to rebuild both cabins, which also serve as prophets chambers.
Last damaged was Bro. Farinas’ garage and car. At this point the extent of the damage to the vehicle has not been assessed, but it is likely that it will need to be replaced. It is an older vehicle that was already in need of much work.

In addition to the needs of the mission work, many members lost their homes, and are in need of relief. You may think that you aren’t able to do much, but I am reminded of a boy who only had five loaves and two fish to offer. When we place what we have in the Lord’s hands, He can accomplish much more than we can imagine! If the Lord has placed it on your heart to help with this need, you may send checks to Baptist Charities with Typhoon in the memo, and 100% of your gift will make it to the point of need.

In Christ Alone,

Baptist Charities and Rodgers Baptist Church

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