March 5, 2018 Update

March 5, 2018               

Since the holidays, cancer has dominated our lives as a family and also the ministry. Most of you know   that I have been diagnosed with stage IV cancer and have been in multiple treatments already. In November, my doctors at MD Anderson notified me that the treatment I was undergoing at that time was no longer working. They offered another promising treatment program to me and so we began the process of ending one treatment and beginning another treatment, which took several months. Then there were some complications with my cancer that began after the new treatment started. These complications hospitalized me for a week. During that hospitalization, they found out that the new treatment had also failed. My main doctor then   recommended that I go on hospice. I went on hospice two weeks ago. The doctors cannot predict how quickly or slowly my cancer will continue to develop. I seem to be gaining strength every day. It’s good that I’m gaining strength because there’s still a lot to do for developing Baptist Charities recovery from Hurricane Harvey.

My home church, Rodgers Baptist Church, has been amazing through this whole process, both to my family personally, to the ministry, at the children’s home, and the with relief effort. I know for me, my goal is to continue to work every day as best I can for my Savior and for the people he has called me to serve. For the churches, pastors and individuals who have helped us in so many ways, including financial support, you have no idea what your continued love and faithfulness means to us as a family and also in ministry. Right now we’re taking things one day at a time. If you have questions, feel free to call or text me. If I can answer at all, I will. If not, someone else will answer on my behalf. 

Within two days of notifying supporters and people who are interested in going to Amazing Grace Children Home, to our surprise, the trip was already full. As much as I regret to say it, we don’t have any more space for anyone else to go visit Amazing Grace Children’s Home. Rodgers Baptist Church is, however, maintaining a waiting list. If you have questions about the trip, feel free to call the church office. 


Larry Jones

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