December 2023 Update

December 2023

Thank you churches for your partnership in ministry! Together, we have been able and ready to respond quickly to needs as they arise and to be a blessing with the abundance the Lord has so freely given to each of us. The Lord loves a cheerful giver, and the Lord is well pleased by the generosity of His people.

In late June, we had the opportunity to help the Pearson family, missionary church planters who had just launched the start of their work in Cincinnati, Ohio, with costly repairs that were needed to their van. Although the initial quote was for over $6,000.00, the gift of $2,450.00 from Baptist Charities allowed them to get the necessary repairs and get the van back up and running and into the use for ministry.

The wildfires in Maui in August were massively devastating, the largest of these fires being in Lahaina and burned 2,170 acres. Included in the areas destroyed by the fire was the building that housed Grace Baptist Church of Lahaina, pastored by Dr, Arza Brown. Baptist Charities, in partnership with the gifts given by churches and individuals, sent $10,000 in the month of September to assist Grace Baptist Church with the reconstruction expenses of their building. Until reconstruction is completed, the church is meeting temporarily in the lower level of a coffee shop.

Lastly, we were able to provide temporary assistance to a single mother and her children with housing. This woman and her kids were  displaced due to an environmental hazard in her apartment and left without a roof over their heads or means to begin a new lease. With $850.00 in aid, she and her children were kept from homelessness, while being loved on by a local church.

We look forward to partnering with you in this coming year. God bless you and your church as you serve the Lord.


In Christ Alone,

Baptist Charities and Rodgers Baptist Church


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