August 2021Update

August 12, 2021
Greetings to our brothers and sisters in Christ and partners in ministry!
This past year and a half has been a very slow year for charity ministry, as the pandemic has caused most churches to struggle to just continue to keep their existing ministries operating. As a result, the 2020 year did not have any Baptist Charity projects to report. Rodgers Baptist Church has been no exception to this struggle and has had its share of sickness and difficulty, but God is faithful even in the middle of the storm!
We are happy to share with you that we have just completed a massive gospel project with refugees in the Dallas area convention centers! Over the past months, you may have heard through the news that Central American children were being brought without their parents from the border to the convention centers here in the Dallas area to be provided temporary housing until a long-term solution was provided.
By God’s grace, a door was opened and someone connected to another local independent Baptist church in the area began volunteering her time to work in the temporary shelters set up at the convention centers. As a Spanish speaker, she had access to the children to minister to them in unique ways that could only be seen as God’s provision. She and her church reached out to us about the possibility of providing Bibles for some of the children (generally ages 12-17) who were asking for their own copy.
Through the ongoing support provided to Baptist Charities, we were able to supply and distribute 3,000 copies of God’s Word in Spanish to these young people who wanted a Bible! There were a lot of challenges with getting these Bibles to the children as you might suspect, as our government was not fond of bringing Bibles into a government shelter. Each child had to ask for the Bible first and a written request with their name was completed before we could bring a Bible for them. Parking for the volunteer was almost half a mile away, and she could only bring in what she could carry in a trip (roughly a backpack load of Bibles each trip). You can imagine how many trips it takes to carry in 3,000 Bibles! We were not allowed to take any photographs inside the shelter, and she asked her name not be shared. We can thank God for her anyway!
If your church sees an opportunity for charity work and gospel ministry that you think would be a great Baptist Charities project, please contact us to see how we can partner together!

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