August 2018 Update

August 2018

Children’s Homes in India

We are most excited to share with you the next endeavor for Baptist Charities. In partnership with missionary Rufus Saripalli and the Eastside Baptist Church in Vernon, TX, we will be taking a team to Hyderabad, India in February to train people in twelve established churches to operate children’s homes. The Hindus in India have been at war with Christianity, and have burned orphanages to the ground that have been operated by other Christian organizations. That has left many children homeless, and these churches want to provide a home for these kids. At this time, there are already 17 children living in the home of Mary Saginala, the sister of Rufus Saripalli. These twelve churches were organized under the ministry of the Saripalli family during their decades of ministry in India, and they are prepared to care for these children, but need training to operate most effectively in this kind of ministry.

Bro. Leonardo Rivas and his son Omar Rivas will  be providing the firsthand knowledge and training. In preparation for this trip to India, we will be taking Rufus to Amazing Grace Children’s Home in late November for him to see the home and how it functions, as well as to discuss what training is needed, and what is culturally relevant in India. While this is an ambitious effort, we are confident that the Lord is leading in this endeavor and will bless it greatly.

In order for this ministry to take place, there will be significant costs for travel. The initial trip to Mexico City is relatively inexpensive, estimated to cost only $1,500 for the three people who will make that five day trip. The trip  to  India will be significantly more expensive. While the costs are not firm, we are estimating the cost to range between $10,000 to $13,000 for the team of five that will make the journey. If you would like to partner with us and share in the cost of this project, please write “India Project” in the memo of your check.

Amazing Grace Children’s Home – Acolman, Mexico

Thank you for joining us in hosting our annual Fiesta for the children of Amazing Grace Children’s Home! $5,400 was received to provide personalized gifts for each of the children, as well as providing activities for the week. Baptist Charities brought a team of 56 people from Texas, Kentucky, California, and southern Mexico together to host an incredible week of ministry to the boys and girls at AGCH.

As many of you know, the children who come to AGCH have been abandoned, abused, or often both. One ten year old young man shared his story with us. As a young child, his mother would withhold food from him, to the point that he was malnourished. When she would leave him at home, he would sneak food from the kitchen. When she would find that he had eaten the food, she would heat up a spoon on the stove and burn his lips as punishment for eating. In order to keep others from knowing what she was doing, she would cover his mouth anytime they left the house.

Over time, the neighbors started to notice that something was wrong. Eventually the police were called and he was taken to Amazing Grace Children’s Home. While at the home, he told Mrs. Rivas that he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. She told him that was a great job for a young man, and he went on to tell her, “The only reason I want to be a police officer is so I can kill  my parents.”

Last year, it was evident that he was an angry young man. Praise God, his story didn’t end there.  He shared with us that this past year, he trusted Christ as his Savior! He has been baptized and joined the church, and has surrendered to God’s call on his life to ministry. Please  pray with us for this young man and others as they grow in the Lord and seek to serve Him.

Thank you to Highland Missionary Baptist Church in Dublin, TX for their gift of $5,000.00 . This gift allowed us to meet several needs, including replacing the commercial refrigerator that quit working last month.

This year there are several new projects we would like to accomplish at the home. These projects are:

  • Additional monthly support to hire cooking and cleaning help: $2,000.00 monthly
  • Covered shelter for play area: $3,100.00
  • Industrial washing machine: $12,000.00
  • Repairs/replacement of 15 passenger van seats: $1,300.00
  • Surveillance camera system: $1,300.00
  • Equipment for Wood Shop Class: $18,000.00  
We appreciate your ongoing prayers for this ministry and its leadership. Baptist Charities is simply Churches helping Churches, and we are excited for what the Lord has in store for us as we partner together to do His kingdom work.
In Christ Alone,

Baptist Charities and Rodgers Baptist Church


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