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 November 28, 2017 = Disaster Relief Update & Financial Report
First of all, Thank You to everyone who has helped by giving and/or volunteering!
Disaster Relief is only part of what we do, but lately it’s been a big part. I have personally worked in
Disaster relief for years and the challenge is always different depending on the nature of the disaster.
This time we have been overwhelmed in many ways, but doing relief the Bible way is very efficient
and effective. Baptist Charities is a church based Charity. This means we are sponsored by a church,
Rodgers Baptist Church, and we work with churches and missionaries at the point of need to bring the
love of Christ to hurting people. Each church we work with at the point of need commits to use 100%
of the resources they receive from Baptist Charities to meet the intended purpose. Baptist Charities
insures that 100% of what we receive reaches the point of need. This simple process was given in the
New Testament and still works today.
The first disaster for us was the destruction by fire of a Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon. A church we
work with in Lebanon, Emmanuel Baptist Church, has a ministry to that camp and other camps in the
region. When we published the need, churches responded and the need was met. EBC was able to
supply beds, water containers, stoves, heaters, and 1,000 blankets through the partnership of
supporting churches listed below. Pray this effort will increase to the salvation of some of the folks in
these camps.
The need in these refugee camps is constant and demanding. We have a window of opportunity to
reach refugees with the love of Christ and Emmanuel Baptist Church is doing it. We will continue to
work with this church as God supplies the resources. When you give to Baptist Charities this is one of
the ministries you are supporting.
Houston Region – Hurricane Harvey
I have never worked in a disaster as large and extensive as Hurricane Harvey. This is huge. This
disaster continues and there are tens of thousands who are not back in their homes yet. Many of you
have responded and the Houston area churches we’ve worked with have been amazing in their
commitment to minister the love of Christ to their neighbors. It’s an honor to work with them. There
are still great needs but giving to these needs has almost stopped completely. Houston seems



Rodgers Baptist Church has been planting churches throughout the world for decades while also caring for suffering people. In the ‘60s, Missionary Roy Dearmore, MD and his team went to the Congo to plant churches and provide medical care where none existed. They successfully cared for the suffering both physically and spiritually.
Then they moved to Brazil, establishing churches along the Amazon River, built a hospital that still exists, and cared for the suffering in remote villages with a medical riverboat. Many churches helped.
Baptist Charities continues this vital work of meeting the needs of the poor both physically and spiritually. The pattern is described
in 2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9. Simply put, it is churches helping churches minister the love of Christ to a suffering world.
We use an existing worldwide network of Baptist Churches to move 100% of funds given for the poor to a committed church at the point
of need.
100% reaching the point of need


The Apostle Paul wove charity deep into the churches he planted. He was told to “remember the poor” by the other Apostles, and he did. But he also faced opposition in a few of the churches. Some didn’t believe that appropriately caring for the needs of the poor was basic to Christianity or a vital church ministry. Paul answered this in 2 Corinthians 8:9. Communicating the Gospel is the most important Christian action.
But what about living the Gospel? What about lovingly sacrificing ourselves for the needs of others as Jesus did for us? In the verse below Paul taught that helping the poor is profoundly basic to the Christian life. It is what Jesus did… and it changed the world.


By Giving. Please give regularly to the needs of the poor through your church. Put Baptist Charities in your check memo or envelope. Help by regularly supporting our operations. This helps with travel
expenses and personal support. Put Larry Jones Work Fund in the memo of your check or envelope.
By Going. We travel to various ministry locations. Perhaps you have skills to assist churches with caring for the poor, or you have a sincere burden to help. James 1:27 says visiting the poor in their affliction is “pure religion”. To join our travel list, send an email
By Prayer. Pray for the poor and for those who minister to them. But be sure not to replace action with prayer. We must do both. Christ’s love demands no less. God’s strength is for those who reach beyond their ability because love motivates them.


Baptist Charities partners with qualified churches and Missionaries who request help. Each church we partner with has committed to deliver 100% of the resources they receive to the point of need to be used for the intended purpose.
Baptist Charities promotes and raises support for each ministry. Here are some of the places we work, or are currently considering:
Amazing Grace Children’s Home outside Mexico City. This home is sponsored by Rodgers Baptist Church and has rescued hundreds of children in its 20 year history.
We work with Emmanuel Baptist Church in the Middle East. This church has ministry teams who evangelize muslims throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
We are currently developing a ministry in India with East Side Baptist Church in Vernon, Texas. ESBC has been planting churches there for over 40 years, and some of these churches want to develop ministries to feed and care for some of the 18 million children in poverty. We need operational support.
We have received a request to help some church sponsor orphanages in West Africa. Please pray for guidance.
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